Modern compared to old (was: Re: Advice for tape drive repair /

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at
Thu Dec 28 08:12:34 CST 2006

Tony Duell wrote:

> Anyway, Sharp would not sell be the replacement part. The official reason 
> was 'safety' -- apprently there are high voltages inside the copier. Yes, 

Ran into that trying to get a new one-way clutch for my Tek Phaser 560. 
  Even though it's on a bit that sticks out when you pull the paper-pick 
mechanism out, apparently it's a workshop job because you need to remove 
a cover and then (gasp) *a circuit board*! Woooow!

So of course, I removed the cover, removed the little PCB with the 
photosensor thing, removed the pingfsckit end of the shaft and drew off 
the one way clutch.  The grease had dried into a solid sticky mass, so I 
soaked it in some WD40 until I could separate the two bits.  Now 
Tektronix say it needs to be very special grease (again, only available 
to Tek workshops), so I tried Castrol LM since I had a huge tub of it 
from rebuilding the suspension arm bearings in my car.  It seems to work 
just fine.  Oh, saying that it will doubtless seize up again the next 
time I print (Sod's Law) but it takes 10 minutes to sort.


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