an ADM-3A cam in tod...ay

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at
Thu Dec 28 13:42:33 CST 2006

Jules Richardson wrote:

> I am curious as to what the glass firms use, though, as it seems more 
> robust. Having owned a few 70s vehicles I've seen the effects of 
> windscreens starting to delaminate at the edges - but it goes a milky 
> colour and always starts from the very edge, whereas CRT 'sealant' tends 
> to go more like mould, and often seems to start from random points 
> (although it tends to be worse at the edges)

It goes like that around cracks, too - it's something to do with water 
getting in I think.  Oh, and never mind 70s, my 1991 Citroën XM is 
getting like that.  I've seen cars less than five years old with the 
same problem, so I suppose it's yet another of these "newer is crappier" 


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