Compaq floppy drive compatibility

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Dec 29 16:31:53 CST 2006

> Before I open up both the Plus and the Portable II,
> can anyone tell me if the floppy drives are swappable?
> Obviously the Plus can't utilize a HD drive, but what
> about the other way around? Much appreciated.

One thing I'll warn you about is that the ribbon cables may not be what 
they seem. They have 20 pin connectors on the end, but some of the 
'wires' don't exist, that position on the cable is solid plasic. Confused 
the hell out of me when I was looking isside a Mac+. 'Why is there -5V at 
that end of f the cable and the external eject signmal at that end????' I 
am told the colour of the 'pin 1' stripe has some significance, but I 
don't know the code.


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