OpenVMS VAX 7.2

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Fri Dec 29 19:17:54 CST 2006

At 3:41 PM -0800 12/29/06, Scott Quinn wrote:
>I'm running a VAX 4000/200 with OpenVMS 7.2 (Hobbyist V2) on it, and 
>I'm having terrible problems with the networking. (DIGITAL 
>TCP/IP/UCX v5.0). It seems that there were some bugs in this 
>release, but I'm not yet sure exactly how to find the fixes for them 
>(and the HP/DIGITAL website doesn't seem to be very helpful). 
>Especially when running telnet, the VAX slows to a crawl. What have 
>other members with this problem (and no access to newer UCXes at 
>work or other locations) done?

I don't see any patches for TCPIP 5.0 though.

Something else to consider would be getting the Hobbyist PAK's for 
Multinet or TCPware from Process software.  The current versions of 
both should run on 7.2 (I'm running the current version of Multinet 
on VAX/VMS 5.5-2).


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