Apple IIe Motherboard X-Ray

Grant Stockly grant at
Fri Dec 29 18:49:42 CST 2006

At 04:40 PM 12/29/2006, you wrote:
>>Each of the 3 shots I did was frame averaged by 4 to reduce noise.  So I 
>>really did 12 x-rays you could say.  I left the motherboard in the vault 
>>during calibration and tube warmup because I didn't care about the dose. 
>>That added about 4 shots worth of dose.  I also used at a fairly low 
>>energy level (80kv) so that the image would have the most contrast 
>>possible.  Reducing the resolution to 150dpi would have required half the 
>>dose also.
>    And with so much radiation being shot onto metals and like, does it 
> became radioactive?
>    I have some MSX here that I want to "give it a shot" (pun intended) 
> hehehe

No.  It doesn't become radioactive.  That's a joke played on new guys who 
leave their lunch in the vault.  You can offer to properly dispose of it.  ; )

I can take a picture of the MSK.  You just have to mail it to alaska.  ; )


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