Apple Disk ][ X-Ray

Mike van Bokhoven mike at
Sun Dec 31 06:39:58 CST 2006

Heh, it's interesting to see a Apple II drive like this, it's been ages
since I've worked on one! And it's black! By the time this reaches the list
I bet everyone else has already leapt on that one...


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Subject: Apple Disk ][ X-Ray

> This is my attempt at an "art" x-ray.
> This image includes the entire range of densities.  If I were to penetrate
> the motor I would blow through the plastic.
> This is a high resolution x-ray.  Zoom into the front label and see if you
> can read the embossed name plates...  What COLOR is this actual drive?
> answer is in there!  ; )
> This shot was taken with the drive elevated at an angle by foam so that
> would get a 3d feeling and not a flat picture.
> Let me know if its cool.  I may x-ray an entire computer next...  : )
> Grant

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