Build your own Apollo Guidance Computer

woodelf bfranchuk at
Sun Dec 31 14:16:57 CST 2006

Billy Pettit wrote:

> But then he always did like to minimalize.  The 6600, his first big iron,
> used one transistor type tied together in different ways to make gates, flip
> flops and timing circuits.  He used circles and squares to denote gates -
> but whther they were And or Ors depended on what fed them. Ah, twas fun to
> work with.  And I loved the esthetics of the logic diagrams.  All those
> little squares and circles had a kind of magic to them.

I am not sure what the computer was but it was the first he one he built.
It was all using the same surplus transistor that he got very cheap. The
second computer was a problem since they had no more surplus transistors
to sell him.

> Billy
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