archiving hard drives, Televideo PM/4T and AT&T7300

Doc Shipley doc at
Thu Feb 2 01:21:50 CST 2006

Chris M wrote:
> I have 2 systems in particular for which I'd like to
> create images of the hard drives (well it would be
> nice anyway). The first is an AT & T 7300 "UNIX PC"
> (68010 based). The other is a Televideo "Personal
> Mini" PM/4T or something (80186 based). What's the
> best way to go about it? It's not unlikely I'd find an
> archive of 7300 software out there on the net (I have
> MANY of the original disks, and my attempts at imaging
> them have failed)

   Chris, the UnixPC will dupe those disks itself.  It's slow going to 
be sure, but it works.

   I've got an idea that Dave Dunfield's ImageDisk might handle those 
install floppies, but my UnixPC is in storage and *way* down on the 
project list.


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