Speaking of mice & keyboards

Doc Shipley doc at mdrconsult.com
Thu Feb 2 14:39:38 CST 2006

Teo Zenios wrote:
> Belkin makes an overpriced small box that converts ADB into 2 separate PS/2
> type inputs (and I think converts apples old video plug to standard vga)
> they sell to interface with their PS2 style KVM's. They show up on ebay all
> the time, but are $20+ or more I think.

   $20 would actually be acceptable, expecially if it has a decent 
vbideo converter.

> What machine do you run A/UX on and what version of the software?

   Quadra 700 with 64MB, and version 3.1.

   A couple of years ago I bought a literal pickup-load of Mac gear and 
broken VCRs just to get the original A/UX CDs and boot floppies. 
*Nothing* in that $75 load worked except the A/UX software and one 1GB 
SCSI drive.


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