HP2648A tape drive capstans

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>Sweet.  It looks like if I can find the appropriate dimensions for
>this that he could make an appropriate replacement.  Then the next
>major mission would be to find media for these tape drives.  I suppose
>I can get an HP catalog number out of the user's manual to start the


   Don't bother with the old HP tapes. I've never seen a one that worked
more than a couple of days, even NOS ones. And I've tried dozens of them. I
even got a hold of a SEALED case of 100 new sealed tapes and even those
were useless.  The old DECassette tapes hold up pretty good and some of the
old 40Mb  DC 2 something,something,something tapes used in the early PC
tape drives will also work in the HPs and about half of them that you find
are good.  Again this has been covered extensively on this list and should
be in the archives.


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