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Peter Hufnagel CaptnZilog at
Sat Feb 4 07:37:11 CST 2006

Found another box of TK50 tapes, so figured I'd ask again if anyone is 
interested, contact me.
Also have a couple of external SCSI tk50 drives I could part with, and a 
VaxStation2000, with a 19" vax monitor (monitor is probably 
prohibitively expensive to ship, but anyone near CT who wants both, and 
keyboard/mouse, etc, I'd give preference to parting with both together).

Also tons of 90M DAT tapes, if anyone is interested.

Also for anyone near CT, I have a compaq 1600, dual 600mhz cpu's, all 5 
drive trays (one 4gig drive dead, but I think I have one to replace it 
with), and I'll toss in a 3200-raid controller.  Free to anyone who 
wants to pick it up, or meet someplace.  I'd consider shipping it if 
someone wants to cover the shipping costs.

And a pair of Mac IIsi's, and three MacSE/30's, all with NIC's (at least 
one of the SE/30's has NetBSD on it).   Free, just looking to clean 
house (keeping my quadra 650).
And anyone who might be looking for TEK service manuals, the old job was 
tossing several xerox-paper boxes of them out, I'll try to make a list, 
but if you're looking feel free to ask.
Also have some plugins for the 7000 series O-scopes, probably take a few 
bucks for those, but I can certainly come up with a list.

-- Pete

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