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> > overclock your ram I'm told. What about the older ones
> > that park your hard drive head, then tell it to do a
> > seek...across the entire platter!
> What harm does that do, unless done repeatedly for a long enough time 
> (which would wear out the positioner beariongs, I suppose). 

I've been told that the imparted momentum on some large dishwasher
sized drives was such that if you rapidly seeked all the way across
the drive, the impact at the end would jiggle the drive slightly.  By
writing a routine that did something like:

    seek 0 to 128
    seek 128 to 127
    seek 127 to 126
    seek 126 to 125
    seek 1 to 0
    goto loop

You could cause the drive to walk across the machine room and unplug
itself once the cord limit was reached.

Now *that* seems like a computer myth they might be able to test,
although it would require finding a large vintage drive :-).

Anyone heard this one before?
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