HP2648A tape drive capstans

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Sun Feb 5 19:55:37 CST 2006

Lyle Bickley wrote:
>How do you heat them? How do you know when "enough is enough" heat?

heh.  good question. 

I've found that 130F is fine for most tape.  Over 145-150F seems to
cause problems with the plastic housing & flanges (but the tape seems

At one point in time Ampex recommened 130F for baking.  My experience is
that the RH in the area around the tape while at temperature has a lot
to do with getting the moisture out (which makes sense... pv=nrt)

I've baked tapes for as little as 7 hours and as long as 5 days.  The
time does not seem to be as important as the RH around the tape.


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