Brad Parker brad at
Sun Feb 5 20:02:56 CST 2006

Richard wrote:
>You could cause the drive to walk across the machine room and unplug
>itself once the cord limit was reached.

heh.  you've never seen an IBM 370/158 running MVS page before, have

I remember some of the those top loading drives shaking so hard I
thought they would destroy themselves.  but they never did.  Easily +/-
1/2" of motion, constantly, for hours on end.  Clearly we needed more

Before I saw that I thought an RK05 paging for RSTS was bad, but that
was only like 1/4" of sway.

I never saw one walk, but it would be easy to imagine.  I would worry
they would fly apart first :-)  simple walking would ok!


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