HP2648A tape drive capstans

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Mon Feb 6 15:15:22 CST 2006

At 09:40 AM 2/6/06 -0700, Richard wrote:
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>    "Joe R." <rigdonj at cfl.rr.com>  writes:
>>    I urge everyone to gather their tapes up and try to have someone read
>> them and store the contents to disk or some other media.
>I can understand that important stuff may be out there for HP-85s,
>since they are actual computers.  The 2648A is a terminal though.  A
>very sophisticated terminal, but just a terminal.  Its my impression
>that the tapes would have been used for storing entered data or plot
>data as the terminal has an "autoplot" feature (very cool, I only
>learned about this last night and didn't know it back in 78 :-).
>Was there ever any "software" made for the 2648A? 

   I don't know but it wouldn't surprise me if there was. But there are
lots of other systems that use the same drives and tapes such as the HP
9845, 9835, 9825 calculator/computers along with LOTs of their test equipment.


 I don't see
>anything in the service, reference or user's manual for it.  (A big
>thanks to hpmuseum.net for having all that stuff scanned!)
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