HP2648A tape drive capstans

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Tue Feb 7 02:08:30 CST 2006

In article <43E7D828.2080104 at mcdermith.net>,
    Bill McDermith <bill_mcdermith at mcdermith.net>  writes:

> At least internally there was a basic interpreter for the 2648A (the 
> graphics terminal, right?)

Right, the graphics "terminal" -- its really more like a PC, but
externally it looks like a terminal.  Inside is a card cage,
processor, memory, tape controller, etc.

> that ran from the tape drive. Don't know if it was sold as a product...

This would be the first I've heard of that; sounds like an internal
hack and not a product as I can't find any mention of software
products for the 2648A anywhere in web sites or HP docs.  I don't
suppose you have a tape? :-).
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