What's CIS for? (was RE: Original 11/74 front panel)

Brad Parker brad at heeltoe.com
Fri Feb 10 15:04:45 CST 2006

Don North wrote:
>What Henk says is basically accurate. The PDP-11 Commercial Instruction 
>Set was
>designed to support PDP-11 Cobol applications. AFAIK the PDP-11 RSX-11M
>Cobol compiler was the only application that actually made any use of 
>CIS, altho it

I thought DIBOL used it also.

At one time (while in college) I moonlighted (moonlit?) writing DIBOL
code for a local newspaper.  The older gentle man who ran the shop
didn't think it was funny when I wrote a RSTS background job which would
pop up on a random terminal and say something like "I am the random
glitch - catch me if you can!" :-)

anyway, I thought that machine was an 11/34 with CIS.  I seem to
remember something about a dibol subsystem.  But I was not entirely
lucid at the time, being a college student and all.


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