Repairing wall warts

Julian Wolfe fireflyst at
Wed Feb 15 14:40:34 CST 2006

I've used rubber mallets with much success opening those up.  It's a
crapshoot though.  Seems to work on Atari power supplies at least. 

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> Maybe it's the Scrooge in me, but I've got a couple of wall 
> warts (power
> supplies) that either have open fuses or dried up caps in 
> them.  They're either multi-voltage or have unusual enough 
> ratings (e.g. 18 vdc @ 1500 ma) that I'm reluctant to scrap them.
> Does anyone have a sure-fire method for getting into the case 
> such that it can be reclosed?  I was thinking about using a 
> saw blade on a Dremel to separate the case halves.
> Cheers,
> Chuck

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