Producing PCB's from old padmaster films?

Curt @ Atari Museum curt at
Wed Feb 15 16:35:26 CST 2006

Someone just contacts me off-list with a place that may help, here is 
one set I'm looking to reproduce:


Brad Parker wrote:
> "Curt @ Atari Museum" wrote:
>> Anyone know of any PCB firms that still do PCB production based on 
>> original Film art?   I have most of the films for what was and wasn't 
>> produced by Atari, there are no digital files (heck some of these very 
>> early films, like the original Pong console are done with adhesive tape 
>> onto a clear plastic film for crying out loud!)    So I am looking for a 
>> place that can still work with this old style way of making PCB's, anyone?
> I doubt you'll find anyone because they all "palletize" using gerber
> files.  But I might be wrong.
> I wonder if you could not scan the film and then (waves arms and thinks
> of AI, chicken feathers and blind luck) somehow extract a gerber out of
> it.
> Actually, spending a minute in google, it seems  that this is a common
> service done my cad conversion houses.
> Seems like feature extraction in such a limited domain might actually be
> pretty good - i.e. you could do it mostly in software.
> -brad

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