Producing PCB's from old padmaster films?

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Wed Feb 15 21:10:08 CST 2006

I can't imagine any PC house not being able to use photo artwork to
produce the boards. The one thing a gerber file does provide is the
drill file with drill sizes, so you would need to take the padmaster and
identify the different hole sizes. The PC house will normally enlarge
the sizes you come up with so that the plating and solder reflow process
brings the holes sizes down to what you specify.

If indeed you have the master 2X or 4X layouts, an engineering photo lab
should be able to reduce them to 1X artwork.

BTW, I also have the photo artwork for several Polymorphic PC boards.

> Anyone know of any PCB firms that still do PCB production based on 
> original Film art?   I have most of the films for what was and wasn't 
> produced by Atari, there are no digital files (heck some of these very 
> early films, like the original Pong console are done with adhesive tape 
> onto a clear plastic film for crying out loud!)    So I am looking for a 
> place that can still work with this old style way of making PCB's, anyone?
> Curt

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