Producing PCB's from old padmaster films?

Brad Parker brad at
Fri Feb 17 06:08:33 CST 2006

Roger Merchberger wrote:
>CPU / UART / etc... looks pretty normal for a home-machine SBC.
>>i can't tell from that photo, but it looks like there might be enough
>>logic for some line ram and counters, maybe a cpu but I don't see any
>>stacks of eproms for stamps or background.
>You must be used to them Socket 939 thingies, and forget that CPUs used to 
>have 40-pins... ;-) ;-)

Sorry, I was thinking coin-op game, not home computer.  Very different.
I don't have much experience with home computers.

Most atari coin-op games have fairly obvious graphics hardware, either
raster or vector, which is separate from the cpu... and an occasional
pokey or two for sound :-)


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