Repairing wall warts

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Sun Feb 19 13:44:48 CST 2006

On 2/19/2006 at 1:18 PM compoobah at wrote:

> For anything except the most basic use, get the commercial grade. We had
>big problems at the computer lab at my school because the original
>electrician used the cheap receptacles, and they started tripping the
>breakers last year . . .
> I think most of the plugs you can get are pretty well made, though.
Expect to spend about $7-$10 for a grounding plug with screw terminals.

I don't understand how a receptacle can trip a circuit breaker.  At worst,
it would seem that it would fail to make contact or have high resistance

Hospital-grade receptacles are distinguished by "Hospital Only" or
"Hospital Grade" printing and a green dot.  $30 retail for a duplex
receptacle is pretty typical.

Whilst browsing around, I discovered another bit of audiophile folly.

It seems now that solid-silver speaker wire isn't sufficient.
Unfortunately, the site shown above doesn't specify what's to be used for
wiring between the plug and receptacle.   It's pretty safe to assume that
it's not zip cord!


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