Sound Blaster PCI + DOS?

Bryan Pope bpope at
Tue Feb 21 14:51:21 CST 2006

> Bryan Pope wrote:
> >>> IIRC the Aureal support was fairly poor.  Just a warning.
> >> Any PCI card is probably not going to be able to support legacy DMA type
> >> transfers, but siimple SB port 220H I/O shouldn't be a problem with PCI
> >> cards that do emulation right.  There have been some discussions about PCI
> >> sound cards in real mode DOS on the vintage gaming fora.
> > 
> > Where is this board?  I googled it but I am not sure if the hits I 
> > received were "the one".  :)
> You may have better luck looking on ebay for "a3d" "aureal" or "vortex".

Are these more compatible then Creative Labs ones?



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