WTD: Card separators/risers

Don North ak6dn at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 23 16:42:54 CST 2006

Try this place:   http://www.mcmaster.com/   ... under the section 

If they don't have it, it does not exist, and you will have to make it 

>> Hi -
>> I searched for card separators on Digikey, Code Micro, or Jameco (some 
>> people call them "risers.") - no specific luck.  I have emailed them for 
>> assistance.  In the mean time...
>> As I wrote before I am trying to install a small computer board on top of a 
>> computer motherboard, so that the smaller board is about 9/16" separated 
>> from the motherboard.  There is not much clearance and I want to just make 
>> it a few hairs above the IC's on the motherboard or I can't close the lid 
>> of the computer.  There are holes in both boards that line up for the 
>> risers (the small board is made to be attached to the motherboard with 
>> risers).  My local Radio Shack's card separators/risers are either too 
>> short or too tall.

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