WTD: Card separators/risers

Dwight Elvey dwight.elvey at amd.com
Thu Feb 23 18:37:03 CST 2006

 I'm sure McMaster-Carr has them but of the original
group he stated also had them. He was just looking under
the wrong name. He should have been looking for standoffs
or spacers. The digikey catalog on my lap has them indexed
as Harware/Spacers/Standoffs.
 As a general rule, any hardware that McMaster-Carr doesn't
have just plan doesn't exist.

>From: "Don North" <ak6dn at mindspring.com>
>Try this place:   http://www.mcmaster.com/   ... under the section 
>If they don't have it, it does not exist, and you will have to make it 
>>> Hi -
>>> I searched for card separators on Digikey, Code Micro, or Jameco (some 
>>> people call them "risers.") - no specific luck.  I have emailed them for 
>>> assistance.  In the mean time...
>>> As I wrote before I am trying to install a small computer board on top of a 
>>> computer motherboard, so that the smaller board is about 9/16" separated 
>>> from the motherboard.  There is not much clearance and I want to just make 
>>> it a few hairs above the IC's on the motherboard or I can't close the lid 
>>> of the computer.  There are holes in both boards that line up for the 
>>> risers (the small board is made to be attached to the motherboard with 
>>> risers).  My local Radio Shack's card separators/risers are either too 
>>> short or too tall.

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