sexy PDP-11/44 panel

Brad Parker brad at
Fri Feb 24 15:11:25 CST 2006

Don North wrote:
>If Guy really can implement a 22b examine/deposit physical memory in a 
>pure SPC slot kudos to him. The only way I can think of possibly doing 
>it (thinking out loud again :-) ) is to steal a UNIBUS map entry and on 
>each exam/deposit set it up correctly to map the 18b unibus address to 
>the desired 22b address. I don't recall if the UNIBUS map is accessible 
>from the UNIBUS itself (if it is, this could work; if not, then it won't).

If it's accessible from the unibus you don't have to steal it - you
could just "barrow" the entry for a moment.

I'd smile to see a PIC running bus master cycles, however :-)  Me? I'm
using an ARM :-)


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