Those Epson disk drive motors again

Marvin Johnston marvin at
Mon Feb 27 10:57:26 CST 2006

The problem of leakage is certainly not limited to this stuff. Back when
I was making PC boards, I made some boards for a company, and they told
me they were no good. So I took a trip up to their place (very nice
nice, a couple of hundred yards from the Pacific Ocean.) These were high
impedance circuits, and IIRC most didn't work. I had already made *sure*
the boards were clean when they were sent since this was a new customer
and the second time it happend. Some of you already know the answer by
now ... the salty air from the Paficic created the problem.

> Well, one came back to bite me.
> isolated track to the nearby 9V supply to the CX065B chip. I took out a 
> few more components to get to the PCB surface, then really cleaned it up. 
> And then I was getting over 30M leakage. 
> Put everything back, and it seems to work....
> -tony

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