Home written editors (was Re: Where to buy a Selectric?)

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Sun Jan 1 13:51:18 CST 2006

Philip Pemberton wrote:

>I kinda like the Atari vector generators. From a technical standpoint, they
>aren't that special, but the way they were implemented was pretty neat. I've
>stuffed a DVG into a CPLD, but I'm still working on actually building the PCB
>board and testing the thing...
I did always like vector displays but they I suspect will be rare in the 
as you have no large display devices anymore.

>208-pin PQFP chips are NOT fun to design PCBs for.
I am having fun with the 84 plcc chips I am using -- the free PCB 
program has no
84 pin plcc socket footprints so I hope I get the homebrew footprint right.

PS. I am using win-cupl so I can understand the logic expressions.
I could shoot the designers of vhdl and verlog -- I just can read that 
at all

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