yikes. drifting OT.

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Mon Jan 2 15:50:29 CST 2006

Chuck Guzis wrote:

>I wish someone would come out with some diefinitive answers to questions
>like "MOSFET vs. Bipolar" or "Switching PS vs. Linear".  Seems to be plenty
>of snake oil in most matters audiophile.
Information is the best cure for snake oil.  The biggest new idea is the 
first  few watts  audio power
is where most of the music and voice is heard rather than how loud your 
amp is or was in the past.

Most audio is 90% status  with very few people listening to music 24/7.  
I often listen to muic alot when
I remember the hit to change the CD.  LP's I like because they are 
shorter, CD's are often way too long
for say 1/2 hour of  music after supper.

I am still in search of mid-fi ... something between the $20 
gettoblaster and  20K of   snakeoil.


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