yikes. drifting OT.

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Mon Jan 2 17:20:12 CST 2006

Jim Leonard wrote:

> woodelf wrote:
>> 3) Digital CD Audio has too low a sampling rate 
> Incorrect.  Unless you have magic ears that can pick out a 22KHz tone 
> from a 21Khz tone, don't say the sampling rate is too low.  That's one 
> of the biggest lies.   Yes, there are people who say that the 
> inaudible frequencies carry vibration that affects the listening 
> experience, but that's another load of crap I don't want to get into 
> (and the only way you're going to prove to me that your speakers can 
> even reproduce that is to send me a video of an 'scope showing me 
> >22Khz output).
It more of the case  that music is not just sine waves. It is a mix of 
everything.. My ears I think are good only to 15khz.
but the brain does a lot of processing of information.  A square wave -- 
snap of a twig by a sabar tooth tiger ment life
or death for early man, and that is what our ears are ment for.

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