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> I feel the same way about hardware, which is probably why I feel nauseous 
> when I look at the Apple ][ (and peripherals) schematics.

That thing is one gigantic hack after another. It's great how Woz managed to
get the chip count down (especially on the Disk II), but I still consider the
Apple II to be a horrendous hack. Not to the level of a Sinclair ZX81, but
still a hack.

I'd still like to get an Apple II to play with though. They look like pretty
fun machines to play with, especially on the I/O side.

> On the other 
> hand I love elegantly designed hardware (which may also be complicated 
> and ingenious) like the HP9100.

I kinda like the Atari vector generators. From a technical standpoint, they
aren't that special, but the way they were implemented was pretty neat. I've
stuffed a DVG into a CPLD, but I'm still working on actually building the PCB
board and testing the thing...

208-pin PQFP chips are NOT fun to design PCBs for.

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