Xenix 286?

Ken Seefried ken at seefried.com
Sun Jan 1 18:33:43 CST 2006

Since we are proposing alternatives... 

There is a port of Venix (SVR2-ish Unix variant targeted for RT use) for the 
8086 and 80286 PC-type machines.  I reeeeally vaugly recall the 8086 version 
ran in 512KB of memory.  It was a pretty decent system for the time; Xenix 
makes me itch. 

Where you would find Venix/86 or Venix/286 these days, I have no idea.  
Someone has Venix for the DEC Pro on-line, so anything is possible. 

If you aren't tied to Unix-like systems, earlier versions of OS/2 did very 
useful things on i286 machines. 


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