"Market" for old macs?

Don North ak6dn at mindspring.com
Tue Jan 3 01:59:37 CST 2006

Actually the 'Mac cracker' itself is not the long-shaft T15 Torx, but a 
tool that can pry the case apart
without damage after the torx is used to remove the screws. The cracker 
was simply two thin metal
plates with handles that operated somewhat like scissors in reverse. 
Operate the handles to bring the
plates together, insert the plates into the case groove, then apply 
pressure to force the case halves
apart. This can be done without using the cracker (like with putty 
knives or screwdrivers) but without
the cracker (or sometimes even with) the case would be noticably 
damaged/dinged splitting the halves.

I'm not surprised the current crop of Fry's guys don't know what a real 
mac cracker is -- most of them
were probably not even born when it was around. Couldn't find any pix of 
it on the net.

Cameron Kaiser wrote:

>>Never got a response to the above, so I'm going to drive to the local Fry's 
>>tomorrow and look for that "Mac cracker" someone mentioned -- It's a new 
>>store, just opened, do you think they'd have it?  If not, is there anything 
>>special/exact I should look for?
>When I went to my local Fry's, they didn't know it by that name, but that's
>what they sold it under. It's a long-shaft T15 Torx.

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