Burroughs B1000 (Was: Burroughs L-series)

Alan Perry alanp at snowmoose.com
Wed Jan 4 12:48:25 CST 2006

From: Steven Wilson <stevew at ka6s.com>
> >What are the Burroughs L-series computers?  I started working for 
> >Burroughs just before the Sperry merger and I guess I missed the 
> >L-series.
> >I collect B1000 stuff (or, I would collect it if I could find
> >anything) and acquired a bunch of B20 systems a couple of years ago,
> >so I collect them now.
> >Other than a museum that asked me if I ever found a B1000, I haven't 
> >found any other collectors of Burroughs stuff.
> >alan
> That's funny - I use to design them ;-) I was a CPU design engineer on
> the last two iterations of the B1000 (B1955/B1965).  (Hans P should
> probably saw something next ;-) Curious what you've got in your
> collection?

Note my line about "if I could find anything".  All I have is printed stuff.
The one thing that comes to mind is the "Inside Your Living MCP" material
that Art Sorkin wrote.

I was tempted to contact some of the old customers and see if they knew the
disposition of their B1000s, but most of them were in England and it has now
been around 20 years since they were using them.  (As I have mentioned here, I
did bug fixes on B1000 GEMCOS from 1986 to 1989.)

> I'd buy a B1965 if one ever were available! ( I should be able to help
> with B1955 too if anyone has one..) I should be able to help get one
> running again if required.

Same here.  Well, as far as buying a B1965 goes.  I did most of my work on a
B1965.  The closest that I have gotten to finding a B1000 is a B1855 (I think
that was it) that was at Fort Lewis (WA) and taken out of service in 1997.  I
was only three years late getting to it.


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