DEC 874-A Power Conditioner

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Wed Jan 4 19:26:16 CST 2006

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    Pete Turnbull <pete at>  writes:

> On my 861Bs there are 8 mains outlets on the left, 4 on the right, and
> the ON/OFF/REMOTE switch is towards the right, with one unlabelled
> power control socket to the left of it, and two more to the right.

OK, I looked at it more carefully... its an 871, not an 861.

It has 6 switched outlets and 2 3-conductor connectors labelled J1 and
J2.  J1 has something plugged into it that goes into the cabinet
somewhere.  Switching to "remote on", and then applying power
everywhere and diddling the AUX ON/OFF switch did nothing.  I'll have
to trace where this cable from J1 goes in the cabinet to find out

A couple people said that the docs on this were at, but
I couldn't find it.  URL anyone?
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