"Market" for old macs?

Jeff Walther trag at io.com
Thu Jan 5 20:40:01 CST 2006

>Date: Mon, 02 Jan 2006 23:20:42 -0600
>From: Jim Leonard <trixter at oldskool.org>

>Jim Leonard wrote:
>>  So, if this is a mono output board, what kind of DB9 mono monitor can I
>>  attach to it?  I've got an IBM mono TTL monitor next to me, will that
>>  work?  Or was there some goofy brand of high-res mono monitor this board
>>  was designed to work with?
>>  Or should I just crack the mac and take the board out and sell it on epay?

>While I'd like to find a monitor that works with the board (again, any hints
>anyone?), in the end I think I'm going to end up trying to find a home for
>it.  Is there a mac-specific forum for this kind of thing, or should I throw
>it to epay and hope for the best?

The best place to ask your question is probably the Compact Macs 
email list which you can access through the lowendmac.com website.

At a guess, your board was built for either a pre-VGA monitor (EGA?, 
CGA?).  I know I saw monochrome monitors back in the early 90s with a 
DB9 connector.  However, it is possible that the board was 
specifically designed for one of the specialized monitors from 
sellers such as Radius.  In those cases, you'll usually find a 
marking on the board such as TPD (two page display) or similar.

Jeff Walther

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