shipping for monitors

Richard legalize at
Thu Jan 5 22:29:51 CST 2006

OK, I have had terminals shipped to me in the past and they were fine,
but I experienced a bit of damage when having a Heath Z-19 terminal
shipped to me recently.  Fortunately it can be repaired, but I think
its just that I came out somewhat lucky (even more lucky would for it
to not have been damaged at all).

If you were to ship a terminal/monitor, what would be your approach?

In the case of the Z-19, I think the root cause is that only 1 of the
4 mounting screws for the tube in the case had a support bracket.
This is the only mounting post that didn't shear from the rest of the
enclosure.  The other 3 posts sheared off at their base to the
enclosure.  Some superglue should be able to reattach the posts to the
enclosure so that the whole thing will be "like new".  So this might
be something specific to this enclosure design.

However, I'm currently looking at a Tektronix 4115 that's in Illinois
and I'm in Utah.  This is an item that would be "key" for my graphics
collection (and I've not seen one offered with any great frequency; a
local supplier has them but he charges $1200 minimum for these units
as costly replacements for mission critical systems).  However, I'm
really leary of shipping it that far after my experience with the

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