Recommended logic analyzer/scope tools? (was: RL02 write faults, fixed it! Another cable mistake)

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Fri Jan 6 15:19:24 CST 2006

There was a fair discussion just a few months ago about this topic.
If you'd ask me, remember that the old PDP-11 clock signals are
below 20 MHz, so you don't need a 1 GHz sampling 'scope :-)
But a decent 50-60 MHz dual-trace is not bad.  For these tools, they work
best if the "man using the tool" knows what he (she, if it's Allison) is
doing, and knows the *limitations*, and interprets the signals or data
(try to understand what (s)he sees).
For logic analyzers, check out for example eBay, but make sure
that it is complete with the correct wires and pods!  Don't go for
a LA without the pods. Useless. And buying the pods later, which
is sometimes possible, is costly in the end.
Just my thoughts, no intention to start a thread on this topic.
Perhaps something for the ClassicComp Knowledge Base?
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- Henk, PA8PDP.


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Onderwerp: Recommended logic analyzer/scope tools? (was: RL02 write faults,fixed it! Another cable mistake)

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> Yes, working your way through the schematics, actually measuring the
> signals, makes you "learn" how something works - in detail!
> I know a little more about the M7859 11/34 console than I did, say
> 2 months ago ...

So what would y'all recommend for logic analyzer/oscilloscope type
tools that are useful for vintage computing (i.e. their max
bandwidth/speed can be slower than needed for current tech) that are
also affordable?

I know Tektronix and HP are major manufacturers in this area, but I
would know what to get.  *Lots* of these items go up for auction via
government liquidation at the local Hill AFB, so if I know what I'm
looking for I should be able to eventually get something by low-bidding.

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