Recommended logic analyzer/scope tools? (was: RL02 write faults,

Tony Duell ard at
Sat Jan 7 13:30:22 CST 2006

> On 1/7/2006 at 4:35 PM Ethan Dicks wrote:
> >> attempting to find an HP 'Advanced Logic Probe'
> >> aka LogicDart. It's a handheld thing that acts as a digital voltmeter,
> >> frequency meter, logic probe and 3-channel logic analyser. A word of
> >> warning, if you ever use one of these you will be 'hooked'....
> Was that the little hand-held logic analyzer that Agilent came out with and
> then, almost at the same time, discontinued?  It looked like a very handly

That's the one...

> little gizmo.  Why did HP/Agilent drop them?  I've seen some inexpensive

Oh, because it was a product that fulfilled a real need and provided 
lasting value :-). As you preobably know, that statement used to be 
included in the HP corporate objectives, but it doesn't really fit in 
with a company that sells cheap printers :-) (What, cynical, me?)

I have no idea why Agilent didn't carry on making them. It certainly is a 
very handy instrument for a lot of digital troubleshooting. I guess it's 
hard to know who it was aimed at. It was rather too expensive for most 
hobbyists (although several of my friends have bought them), not powerful 
enough for testing a new ASIC, say, and these days it's not the done 
thing to make measurements and think before replacing parts, so I guess 
service engineers don't need them. And there aren't that many classic 
computer enthusiasts around.

> USB logic analyzers (USB pods, I think) that might be worthwhile having.

Maybe. But then you need to cart around a computer to link them to.


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