Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sun Jan 8 13:13:31 CST 2006

> The only ICL souvenir I have is a dark red 4-ring binder that once contained
> a GE termiprinter maintenance manual (manual long gone unfortunately).

Me too!

Mopre seriously, I have such an ICL binder with the Termiprinter field 
service manual still in it (I also have a couple of the Termiprinters). 
Alas the manual is a boardswapper guide with no schematics, and there's 
enough custom LSI stuff in the Termiprinter to make tracing out 
schematics a long job. 

And the printing quality was very poor. Some of the signal names, etc, 
are illegible now.

I rememebr when I got my first Termiprinter, with the manual, I needed to 
take it apart to clean it. I took out the hammer bank and stripped it 
down, cleaned out the gunge, etc, and then looked in the manual for how 
to reasemble it. All it told me was that the hammer bank was not 
field-repairable. ARGH!. Yes, I got it going again, it wasn't even very 

I think I have a cassette drive manual in a similar binder that's also 
pretty hard to read in places.

I am not sure you'd call them ICL souvenirs, but I do have 4 PERQs and 
associated documentation. At least the PERQ AGW3300 was an ICL design.


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