Basic Language Star Trek Program

Pete Turnbull pete at
Sun Jan 8 09:36:07 CST 2006

On Jan 7 2006, 16:07, Wayne Talbot wrote:

> The basic program was in the People's Computer Company Magazine in
> late 70's.
> You could type it in and run it in Tiny Basic. It took up about 2k
> I ran it using PaloAlto Tiny Basic (which was only 2k itself).

Actually the tiny versions for PATB are about 6K.  The first, by Dr. Li
Chen Wang, who wrote PATB itself, was published in the Peoples Computer
Company journal in the summer of 1976; it's an adaptation of Lynn
Cochran's version for the Altair 8800.  That, and an slightly smaller
version which Bruce Sherry adapted from the PCC listing, are both on my
webpage, along with lots of other versions.

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