What do I call my PDP-11?

John A. Dundas III dundas at caltech.edu
Mon Jan 9 14:50:41 CST 2006

At 2:28 PM -0600 1/9/06, Julian Wolfe wrote:
>Hahahaha I get it now, and yes, I've used that ping.
>That's like (and I forget which compiler in RSTS did this) where you typed
>"make love", and you didn't have a program called "love" it would respond
>with "not war"

No compiler, that was a teco alias.

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>>  Julian Wolfe wrote:
>>  > I don't get the joke, and I uses Suns.  Please to explain?
>>     If you ping another system from a Solaris box, instead of the verbose
>>  return info from ping you get in most OS's, Solaris simply returns:
>>  <hostname> is alive
>>     There was a huge cult/contingent in the US for many years that
>>  maintained Elvis Presley had staged his own death, so making your
>>  Solaris machine say "elvis is alive" is the joke.
>  >	Doc


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