cleaning keyboards in the dishwasher

Pete Turnbull pete at
Mon Jan 9 18:08:43 CST 2006

On Jan 9 2006, 12:33, C Fernandez wrote:
> Pete Turnbull wrote:
> >  Do you think manufacturers would put sand, one of the few common
> > substances that will scour glass, into a substance used for
> > glassware?
> What is it that etches glass in a dishwasher?

The repeated action of hot and mildly alkaline water containing
detergent, particularly if it's hard water.

> I don't have any problems with corrosion when cleaning metal with
> dishsoap.  However, if I use dishwasher soap in a dishwasher on
> I'll get corrosion every time.  I'm stripping oil off both ways.

Most likely that's down to electrolytic action between slightly
different metals, particularly where utensils are touching each other.
 It's commonly seen with mixtures of "stainless" steel.  It's not
because of the type of detergent.

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