cleaning keyboards in the dishwasher

C Fernandez fernande at
Mon Jan 9 22:20:15 CST 2006

Pete Turnbull wrote:
>>surface of the soft plastic handles of our Revereware pots. Liquid
>>detergents don't cause this problem.
> I don't think it's silicon dioxide, though.  I've often seen the effect
> you describe; it seems to happen when the wash cycle is hot and I think
> it's mainly the harshness of the detergent.

I'd also think it was done chemicaly.  I tried cleaning an aluminum pan, 
that I thought was steel with lye.  It bubbled a lot, and came out with 
a sandblasted texture.

Normally, I wouldn't mistake aluminum for steel, but this was a well 
used restaurant pizza pan that had a thick build up of carbonized 
oil/grease on it, so it felt heavy enough to be steel!

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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