Non-random numbers (SIMH PDP-8)?

Ashley Carder wacarder at
Tue Jan 10 08:29:59 CST 2006

I don't know about the OS8 PDP-8 BASIC, but on the RSTS/E PDP-11 Basic-Plus, the same sequence of random numbers would always be returned unless you used the RANDOMIZE statement, which changes the random number seed.

If your PDP-8 OS8 BASIC supports it, add a RANDOMIZE statement and you should then get a different series of random numbers each time.


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>I was playing blackjack (BASIC program) on SIMH with my OS/8 RL02 image. I noticed that every time I played the game the cards drawn were identical, both by the dealer and myself! A loop to print RND(0) ten times always shows the same ten numbers... doesn't sound very random to me :)
>Is this an artifact of SIMH, or BASIC? (Will it go away when I run the program on the real 8/A)?

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