Thanks again, Dave!

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Jan 12 09:27:29 CST 2006

> > Heh.  There are three monitors on my desk,  four machines above it on the 
> > "second level" I built when things started getting tight,  and a 
> > (seldom-used) monitor sitting on top of those, 
> I think I already mentioned "KVM".

Yes, but this is classiccmp :-). Exactly none of the 180+ machines I have 
here would work with a normal KVM switch (most don't have PC-like 
keyboard interfaces, none have VGA-type monitors). A KVM swtich will not 
help when the monintors taking up you desk belong to things like 
classic-PERQs. Or, indeed, when the monitor is built into the machine 

> > I have somewhere around here the original IBM card that has the DB37 on the 
> > back of it, 
> If you are not doing any HD or 8", this might work (except for the physical
> problem you mentioned) - Check my web site I have details on how I put

Certainly for the normal 5.25" data rates, that card is strictly DD only 
(it won't do single density).


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