Unknown Honeywell tape drive - Help!

Brent Hilpert hilpert at cs.ubc.ca
Wed Jan 11 17:47:25 CST 2006

> At 10:00 PM +0100 1/9/06, Philipp Hachtmann wrote:
> >I can get an old Honeywell type drive. But I know literally nothing
> >about it. Not even the model number...!
> >
> >Here is a link to a few pictures I've received today:
> >
> >http://hachti.de/honeywell-tape/

Interesting, from the pictures I think I recognise the head and tape-guide
assembly a friend gave me from a drive he dismantled some time ago. I had been
wondering what manufacture/model-line it came from, your pictures provide a
possible answer (might be another OEM).

The head which I received was 7-track, not 9-track, so you may have a 7-track
drive there, although it's conceivable the same mechanism was used with a
9-track head. Would be interesting to here which it is if/when you receive it.

On the mechanism I received a big vacuum cyclinder was used to rotate the heads
into/out-of contact with the tape, presumably to reduce wear on the
copper-clad heads.

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