Not OT: Classic apps and the Intel Mac

Jim Leonard trixter at
Thu Jan 12 13:07:45 CST 2006

Scott Stevens wrote:

> It's just emulation, but you can't run BasiliskII if you don't
> already have a Mac to pull the ROM image off of, so the
> price-of-entry for non-pirates is to own a running classic Mac to
> pull the ROM image from.  

Although I have 4 classic macs (original, 512, Classic, Se/30) I need to 
keep them running because I have software I still like to run that is 
copy-protected.  Makes me wish the Mac platform was more successful so 
that there were more pirates.  I'm serious -- I have these original 
disks that are nearly unobtanium and I wish I could make a backup copy.
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