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Thu Jan 12 22:49:31 CST 2006

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I am writing you to see if yourself or someone you might know in the
hobby world of vax might have a need for some surpluse equipment I have.
Here is the list
DEC Server 5000 with 4 FR-DECBA-CA 4.3 gig drives Dual Processor Card
with two mem chips in each
DEC AlphaServer 1000 4/266 with 1 RZ-r240-va 9.1g drive, 1 rz-28m-va
2.1g drive 1rz29b-va 4.3g drive and 10 mem slots filled
DEC prioris ZX 5166mp/2 with 3 RZ28D-VW 2.0g drives Dual Processor
board, 10 mem slots filled
DEC Prioris HX 6000 with 3 FR-PCWVR-AZ 4g drives and 2 FR-PCWVR-AY 2g
drives, dual processors and 4 mem slots filled
All the above servers have SCSI Arrey cards, CD-Rom, Floppy and Dat
HP 9000 800/H60 back of unit says upgraded to A2986A G60 in nice rack

with two C3032R Drive Inclosures
(2) 802.3 Lan Cards
(1) Mux Card
(2) HP-PB 16bit Diffrential SCSI Cards
(4) Harddrives in Main Unit
(3) drives each in the C3032R Inclosures
(6) 32meg Mem Chips Installed
(2) DEC Vaxstations 3100 M48     3 drives and max memory (i think)
(1) DEC Vaxstation   3100 M38     3 Drives and Max memory
(no Keyboard or monitors for above)
TZ867 DLT Drive
HP 20XT Optical Disk library
Compaq DLT Library unit Rack mount   P/N C5173L      Series 4120

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