AC power on front panels

Dave Dunfield dave04a at
Sat Jan 14 00:54:53 CST 2006

>             Has anyone come up with an elegant solution to being able to use
> the front panel power switch while keeping it safe? I was toying with some
> sort of low-voltage circuit (small LV transformer and relay, with the front
> panel switch in the loop on the coil side). Another idea I had was to hot
> glue a dielectric insulator board (that gray cardboard kind of stuff) over
> the parts of the front panel that would be exposed.

The bad thing about the IMSAI design is the bare connections to mains at
the top of the panel - normally the remainder of the panel is fairly safe
behind the acrylic front - even with the cover off. You can cover the pads
at the top of the board with a few strips of good electrical tape.

If you really don't want mains power at the front panel at all, then a relay
is paobably the best solution - lots of room to mount it (and the xfmr to
power it), and you don't have to modify the front panel.

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